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The Weblaw Network is a group of affiliated websites, services, and mobile applications designed exclusively for the Internet entrepreneur. The Weblaw Network functions as the umbrella coalition of services provided by Walters Law Group, a law firm dedicated to providing strategic legal guidance to website operators, entertainers, and online service providers.

The Weblaw Network includes:

WebCamLaws.com: The live web cam industry is both profitable and growing in popularity. Anyone with a computer and web cam can perform for the world, and begin generating revenue. Web cam networks are also generating substantial revenue, as they bring the performers online and promote their services. Yet with all this opportunity comes significant legal risks. WebCamLaws.com provides comprehensive legal information to the live web cam industry, backed by over 25 years of legal experience.

LawOfSex.com: The Law of Sex blog tackles the issues involving sex and the law, in a straight-forward and informative manner. The blog examines the contemporary and emerging issues related to the law's impact on human sexuality and provides updates on evolving legal decisions, precedents, and regulations.

AdultIndustryUpdate.com: Adult Industry Update provides legal and political commentary on the adult entertainment industry as well as breaking news updates on issues impacting the production and publication of erotic content.

OnlineDatingLaw.com: Online Dating Law provides free, exclusive legal information for webmasters, operators and affiliates involved in the online dating industry. It is the first legal resource dedicated solely to the online dating industry.

GamblingLawUpdate.com: Gambling Law Update covers current legal and political issues related to gaming, gambling, sweepstakes and game promotions, including breaking news updates on newly introduced gaming legislation.

PennyAuctionLaw.com: Penny Auction Law provides commentary and information on federal and state law regarding the unique business of penny auctions. The site covers various perspectives on penny auction law, including review of the positions of the FTC, DOJ, private litigants, and the judiciary.

Bitcoin-Lawfirm.com: Bitcoin Law Firm is a comprehensive resource for all things Bitcoin and the law. As the legal status of Bitcoin continues to evolve, this website tackles emerging issues relevant to the personal and business use of Bitcoin and other alternative currencies.

DMCANotice.com: DMCANotice.com is the world's first automated copyright infringement notification system. It allows clients to serve DMCA infringement notices within minutes and makes copyright enforcement easy.

BirthDateVerifier.com: Birth Date Verifier is an innovative, patented online age verification system designed to prevent minors from accessing age- restricted products or services, without reliance on credit cards or personal information databases.

PillLaws.com: Pill Laws is the premier legal resource for online pharmacies and their affiliates. The site contains legal updates and commentary on the operation or promotion of an online pharmacy.

GameCensorship.com: Game Censorship is a legal resource website containing information, articles and commentary on videogame censorship. The site explores the continuous battle between Free Speech rights of the gaming industry and the efforts to censor game content based on both "moral values" and "political correctness."

Quick2257 Mobile App: The Quick2257 mobile app makes compliance with Title 18 U.S.C.  2257 easy and affordable. The app simplifies the process of creating Section 2257 records for performers, web cam models, escorts, dating site members and anyone else subject to records keeping requirements under Section 2257, which govern the creation of sexually-explicit material. It is available on iTunes and the Google Play store.
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QuickDMCA Mobile App: The QuickDMCA mobile app makes sending copyright infringement notices under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act easy. The app simplifies the process of generating a compliant DMCA Notice, so you can focus on getting your content removed. It is available on iTunes and the Google Play store.
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